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Think For Yourself: Law Of Attraction Lesson 2

So Many of us seek approval and advise from others who are just not capable or qualified to give it.

When we suddenly get an inspired idea or opportunity and we finally see evidence of the Law Of Attraction at work in our lives, we immediately go share it with the world around us.


The Law Of Attraction Only Works If You Do

Now that I have your attention, let me clarify.

The Law is always at work.

You are always attracting.

Every second of every minute of every day.

The problem lies in understanding and accepting responsibility for what YOU are attracting.

Life Is Like Pizza

So how is life like pizza?



Luck Isn’t Random

I hear so many people in my community, the home based business industry, use the term ‘Lucky’ to describe leaders who have just crushed through normal and achieved massive success

2 Mind-blowing Brendon Burchard Videos

The first step to on your path to a better life is to surround yourself with people who have achieved greater things than you.

Begin to gather your ‘Master Counsel’.

3 Epic Mind Shift Videos

Sometimes you need someone to remind your soul why it chose to come here.

Sometimes you need a little push back to the Path Of Greatness

Sometimes all it takes is one sentence, one thought or

One Video

6 Visionary Achievement Quotes

Below are a few of the most special quotes I have plastered all over my house from people who have achieved Epic Greatness in their lives.

I keep them close to remind me everyday that…

Anything is possible

That I, just like you, Greatness Within Me

3 Essential Tools For Building Your Online Business

Absolutely nothing can be built without the proper tools.

In this post we’ll look at the essential pieces you need to insure you start your new online business off on the right foundation.

Without these key pieces you might as well just flush your start up capital down the toilet.

How David Sharpe Has Transformed My Life

I’m not sure where I would be today if I hadn’t stumbled onto a video and heard these words~

“I was living in a 400sf shanty”