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Pondering Possibilities Over Morning Coffee

So many people miss so many opportunities because they rush through their entire lives.

Where are you going?

No really, I’m being serious.

Put Yourself First In Life & Business

I remember the first time I heard the phrase, “You Teach People How To Treat You”. At the time it really struck a cord of cosmic truth in me, but I just couldn’t grasp the concept.

I was in a period of my life where my relationships were completely abusive and unfulfilling. I felt like a victim all the time; a sad lonely and depressed single mother.

Everyday was a struggle.

When Opportunity Knocks, Open The Damn Door!

When Opportunity Knocks, Open The Damn Door &

Get Out Of The Way.

Top 5 ways to get out of your own way and start getting what you really want.

Success Tip #35 Wealth Is A State Of Mind

Success in anything must come from the mind first as an Inspired Idea.

That Inspired Idea must then be followed through with Inspired, Relentless, Inspired Action.

That is the secret to massive results.

How To Make Money Online & The Law Of Attraction

That’s the Million Dollar answer isn’t it?

Let me tell you a little story…

When I finally got so fed up with my life and my financial situation, I began my search for alternative ways to make money outside of my regular 9-5 job.

I was SOOOO angry at the world. Sick and tired of being over worked and underpaid.

Never having the time or financial freedom to do what I wanted, with who I wanted, when I wanted.

Think For Yourself: Law Of Attraction Lesson 2

So Many of us seek approval and advise from others who are just not capable or qualified to give it.

When we suddenly get an inspired idea or opportunity and we finally see evidence of the Law Of Attraction at work in our lives, we immediately go share it with the world around us.


The Law Of Attraction Only Works If You Do

Now that I have your attention, let me clarify.

The Law is always at work.

You are always attracting.

Every second of every minute of every day.

The problem lies in understanding and accepting responsibility for what YOU are attracting.

Life Is Like Pizza

So how is life like pizza?



Luck Isn’t Random

I hear so many people in my community, the home based business industry, use the term ‘Lucky’ to describe leaders who have just crushed through normal and achieved massive success